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This is a project I've been working on for the last three years. My great grandfather, George Schrade received a patent on this knife in 1937 but it never went into production for reasons I can only speculate. He died three years later. My friend Bill DeShivs disassembled the knife and i had it reversed engineered. I assemble the knife one at a time using my great grandfathers stiddy and ball peen hammer. The blade and spring are carbon steel like most knives of that era. I silver solder the bolsters to the liners and the scales are jigged bone in various patterns. The MOP version is new old stock from the old GSKC factory. This knife is different from the little pull balls in that the kick/back spring is proud when closed and flush when opened where as the small pull ball has a leaf spring typical of most automatics.                             His design, his tools, my hands, our blood.

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For me I think this is one of the most exciting things happening in the knife world right now.  How do they get in touch with you and what do they run?

Hi Jan, thanks,

Right now I have to fulfill some promises and gifts to family first. I was planning to debut at the Blade show but as you know that's not happening. I will have some available for sale in a couple of months and will post here. I haven't figured out the cost yet but they will be affordable. 

Thank you Bill and put us down for one.  Thank you so much for sharing them here.

Awesome workmanship! Keeping history alive, Thanks William.

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