Are you interested in knife politics and laws?  If so, read on.

Member Clint Thompson recently posted a poll of iKC members entitled "HELP! FELLOW iKC MEMBERS.  I NEED YOUR HELP",  in which he asked for iKC members' input on some research he is doing for Knife Illustrated magazine.  His questions included the following: 

"As a potential reader about firearms, knives, camping and other outdoor related subjects, what would a magazine cover have to have in order to attract you attention to pick it up?  Once the magazine is in your hands, what articles listed on the cover would cause you to open it up and look inside?  What subject matter would cause you to buy this magazine?"

Several members responded to his poll and expressed their support for Knife Illustrated adding a regular feature discussing the issues of American knife companies having their products made in foreign countries to stay competitive here and abroad, laws and taxes that  are unfair to the American knife industry and consumers, and the politics involved in trying to solve these problems.   After some discussion by several iKC members, member Tobias Gibson commented that:  "... it would be nice to have a moderated  place where we could have a reasoned discussion on both  global and local  knife politics and laws", and "A moderated discussion group that would screen for personal attacks  and off topic trades would be worthwhile.  A similar section in Knives Illustrated could also be of interest, especially if it discussed local knife laws and legislative actions that will (have) an impact on the industry."

In response to the aforementioned discussion and and Tobias's comments specifically, I am proposing this new iKC Discussion:  THE UGLY POLITICS OF KNIVES.  Please give us your input.

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This comes from a friends blog, thought I would share it with you.  These were simply pocket knivesAussie Knife law update.

I got an emotionally charged email from Luke this morning.  He received a package containing six CRKT knives he recently purchased from me.  His package was missing 4 of the 6 knives.  In addition, his son-in-law lost 3 out of 4 he had purchased.

Follows is his 'edited' email.  Understand that the 4 confiscated were considered assisted opening or 'flick' knives, meaning customs 'believed' they could be opened by 'flicking' the wrist.  Well, that can be extended to cover a whole range of knives.  I believe he's planning on challenging the confiscation and I'll keep you updated.  Sobering stuff guys.
Hi Greg,
Remember I sent you that article about banned knife types? well the %^&*& hit me. That last order from you only just arrived. FOUR of the six knives were confiscated by the Customs & Postal %$##. All that I ended up receiving was the CRKT Minimalist and the Cold Steel Mini Tac Tanto. My son in Law lost 3 of his 4 knives. This kinda casts a pall over our future knife purchases. They took EVERY one of the folders. Please excuse the bad language but I am infused with a burning rage against the freaking STUPID idiots running this ^%$&*((.
This means that it will be a problem for you to send ANY folding knives to us in Australia because of the Bull Laws they keep changing to justify their huge freakin Salaries. Can I just say Greg, I'm not in any way blaming you, there is no way it could be your fault. I'm just letting you know as a warning to all your other Australian clients. Man I am so %$#^%^. I sent you a photo of the very official notice they included.
A Very Saddened Friend,

Hi Jan,

Thanks for posting the story about the confiscated CRKT knives.  This is especially interesting to me because CRKT's headquarters is located in Tualatin, Oregon, which is only about 20 miles from my home.   This story is an extremely alarming example of bureaucratic abuse of a stupid law that's just waiting to be abused.  My question now is:  "What are Aussie lawmakers thinking?" and  "What's next -  The Aussie knife police prosecuting the owners of antique jack knives with broken back springs?"


This is just a bit of an update from the gentleman, notice the port of entry information

I am going to contact my Federal Rep and speak to him about it. I am going to try to explain to him and the Customs/Post Office that these knives are NOT flick knives, they are pocket knives with 3 & a bit inch blades. They are Tools. I am going to study the new Knife Laws and use their own paperwork to prove my knives are not Illegal. Though it seems there is another trap - Port of Entry. If a CRKT M21-02GL came in trough Brisbane (my State Capital) It probably, maybe would go through. It seems my order came in through Melbourne (about 1600miles away) in the State of Victoria which has the toughest knife Law in Australia - Bloody amazing, don't you think?
Can I just say one thing, Please my American Friends fight against any one Foreign or Domestic that wants to destroy your Inspired Constitution. It is just about the only friend you have against your enemies, including DNC, GOP, Libertarian, Green, Socialist or Independent. Knowing the bad things ahead for you folks, I think about you all every day and pray for your fragile Country. The USA is the guiding light in this world of darkness and against people who want to put us in bondage/slavery. If the Constitution falls, so does the USA and then ...

Thanks for the update, Jan.  The point of entry information is very telling.  Typical bureaucratic inconsistency, although I guess the Australian state laws could be inconsistent just like ours, as well.  Any way you cut it ( ;D ), though, it's a freakin travesty!  I don't get it - who cares whether a knife is a flick knife, a fixed blade outdoor knife, a German paratrooper's gravity knife, or a kitchen knife.  A knife is a knife is a knife!  Anwyay, there are so many more potentially dangerous man-made objects in this world (like cars and trucks, for example), why single out knives for such a futile witch hunt?  IMHO, politicians need to get their priorities in order and quit messing with the things that "aint broke" and fix the really broken ones.


This is another good reason to support the AKTI and similar groups.  Protecting our rights so we dont have to fight to undo damages to them.

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