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Estwing Special Addition Sportsman Axe ESE24ASEA   


Beautiful Leather Grip

Estwing’s Special Edition Sportsman’s Axe is a solid steel, axe with a non-reflective matte black finish. The grip is a beautiful genuine leather.  Made in the USA!

Lets play! Through this coming Friday (4/28/17) at midnight Eastern, if you post to an iKC Group you are entered to win.  The more posting the more entries, it is that simple.  A random number will be generated to choose the winner.  Have some fun and let's talk!

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Starts NOW!

Woo Hoo!!! Good luck to everyone! That hatchet looks sweet.

YIPPEE.....resembles my "Boy Scout" hatchet.

My second career after I retired from the army back in August, 1983 was mainly as a professional carpenter.  I always loved 'Estwing' products, and owned and used framing hammers and also finish hammers as well.  They have always been top quality US manufactured tools!

Jan Carter said:

Starts NOW!


Did you know we have 71 groups?


Eastwings are great tools. Did my very first forging using my Dad's favorite EW framing hammer. Hammered out a frog spear from rebar on a big rock. Had my little brother fanning the coals from a fire of pine cones with a trash can lid. Heck no, I didn't have a clue what I was doing.......but Dad educated me through the seat of my pants!

He later taught me some about real forging. He made and repaired tools for miners during the Dahlonega Gold Rush in N Ga.

(The spear worked quite well, by the way)

That is a very nice hatchet / axe. I got my first Estwing ( a hammer) back in 1987 and it still is in GREAT shape. It was used hard for many years because it was my main work hammer when I was employed by a stair building company.


ROFL, so you first forging brought on a bottom warming!  Your dad may have been the only guy making money from the Dahlonega gold rush


I can imagine the work out it and you got building stairs!

Actually Dad and his little brother, Uncle Harry, were in the 8th and 7th grade at the time of the rush. Grand Pop was the true geologist and miner along with his brother my great uncle Kanute. Kanute was very much the Norwegian (Viking) of the family and looked the part - big, raw boned, hardened and blonde. He was a true smith and taught my dad, who took to it like he was born with a hammer. They did pretty well.

Never forged much around my Dad, just because......Did stock removal blades for 20+ years before I got serious about bladesmithing. Now I know how to forge axes. Guess it took.

Thank you to everyone that played this week and posted in our groups.  I hope you took a look and found a new group to fascinate you!

Mr Billy Oneale, Congrats!

Congrats Billy! Nicely done.

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