In the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and the Blue Ridge Mountains, nestled in the Appalachians is a place called Trackrock.


It is physically stunning, the natural beauty wll take your breath away. When you can finally take that next breath, you realize you are hearing the sound of many anvils ringing out. That is because it is Hammer In weekend, when the owners of Trackrock allow an amazing group of knifemakers to take over their barn. Teaching children and adults alike the art of forging metal and knifemaking. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. I do not have a thousand words but I do have pics!

Always a special weekend, this one was awesome. Old friends that had not been able to attend since Covid. Some people we considered friends from the internet, we were able to spend good time with over the weekend. Also, our grandson was able to get tips and pointes from a Forged in Fire bladesmith.

When Dakota started hammering he was about 6 foot and stood on a box to reach the anvil. Now he is over 6 foot and still spends as much time as he is able at the forge with Donnie.

We meet new friends that want their kids to have the opportunity to have fun and learn.

We always say if we can hook 1 kid a year the Hammer In has been a success.

While that is a priority at each Hammer In, this year the bladesmiths also accomplished a secondary goal. Working together to help each of them grow as well. This year they did a bit of metallergy. Each brings their own steel, some with known and some with unknown properties.

As I said, this year was awesome. I want to thank all that attended and all those that picked up a hammer to forge a young persons interest in knives and forging!

More pics and discussion to come.,Just wanted to get us started and start putting away things for the Spring 2024 Hammer In

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LOL, I said it was magical!. Will get another copy of that posted NOT SIDEWAYS

Just wanted to give you a "thank you" shout out for all that you did this weekend and all that you do on here!

Jade and I had a wonderful time!  And I am still working on that 2nd project that I was not able to finish up.  It is looking good so far!

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