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Case/Bose Tribal Lock coming soon. I think it will be a nice pattern. Looks like 9+ different scales. What do you think? Comments? Thanks

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Why thank you kindly sir!  I've got another one in the mail....should be here on Wednesday!

its a winner for case ,i have the antique smooth bone,my overall thoughts on it,there gonna sell a lot ,it has the bose name tied to it,and a knife called tribal spear,who wouldnt buy it,i am going to order another now.thanks gotta go,i have a couple nice case knives for sale today to fund another project.  thanks   ...steve

Looks like I'll be the last to get one. Sent the one back, still waiting for another. Maybe today. Good to hear most people like them.
Pocket worn harvest orange tribal lock, finally arrived, and it's very nice. I'm happy with it. The lock is stiff on closing but will probably improve in time. I don't mind. Kind of makes it safer. The lockup seems to be strong. Blade centering good, and tight when opened. Very good fit & finish. So far, so good.

Bose/Reid Tour Magicians Tribal Lock through Shepherd Hills. 

Case Ebony Shot Show Exclusive Tribal Lock

Nice additions Andy! Ebony is great......in my opinion.

Nice knives Andy. Nice collection.

Andy Larrison said:

Case Ebony Shot Show Exclusive Tribal Lock

Thanks Jack and Craig!

jack walker said:

Nice knives Andy. Nice collection.

Andy Larrison said:

Case Ebony Shot Show Exclusive Tribal Lock

SMKW/Case Presidents Day "Carve Your Own Path" Event knife

My latest Tribal Lock, Jigged Antique Bone.

I really like this pattern. It fits my hand very well and it will make a very nice EDC knife. I like it so well that I have 3 of them. 1 - Yellow Synthetic, 1 - Zebra Wood & 1 - Amber Bone. 2 of these will be going to my boys for Christmas gifts. 


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