For some of you more seasoned collectors- have you noticed any value trends for old knives?

Any up and coming patterns or knife companies knives that are sleepers? How about knives that are topped out and on the decline in value?

What are you observations on impact on prices/values of the current economic crisis on the knives you track and hunt?

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....................my experience has been that aside from the old favorites, location seems to influence the style of knives that command the higher end prices. However, if one does their homework and this is one of the reasons that thier getting into the hobby: there's alot of sleepers out there (e.g. fruit knives, physicians, balisongs, etc. Even if you're buying as an investment, make enjoyment your first priority.
Good points. I bought what I liked and HOPED one day others would like them so I would have some buyers....when I do sell, that is. Otherwise, my great grandkids will be using them to dig in the dirt with :)
Finally got an apple to apple comparision to gauge off of-

I posted this with a picture of the knife involved over in The News at ElephantToenails.com recently. It was a stag Case Brothers (roughly 100 years old). It sold on eBay in May 2009 for $510. The guy who sold it also bought it on eBay, but two years earlier. We know the poor economic times we are in now compared to 2007 (the economy had begun to slow at that time, but, again, nothing like what happened at the end of '08 and now '09). When he bought it in Nov. 2007 he paid $770.

If my math is correct he sold it for 66% of what he paid. Both sales were on eBay and it was the same knife.

I know this is an "isolated" sale, but it provided me an indication values are falling...at least for non-mint knives. This knife looked to be in Excellent condition.

On the other hand, I know of a Near Mint Case Brothers pearl handled toenail that sold for $6000 about a month ago- which to me proves the best will always command record prices.
I know of both sales and have handled this knife.My opinion is the guy paid too much for it when he first bought it.Pictures were average at best and I think had no return.When he resold it he had pics that showed knife faults,and it sold for what I THOUGHT it was worth. BUT I think you are right that less than excellent + old knives are alittle soft.
I have to agree Roger. I see only the mint on the increase, but every once in a while you buy mint below value only because the seller needs the money now. And you do not find that on eBay very often, but through clubs and knife shows

My experience recently, hard to find mint/near mint knives.....The majority of knives I picked up to look at where clean to handle on the outside, but the blades where filty...no attempts to clean the knife up was shocking to see.

Of course, a knife is only worth what someone will pay for it. The economy has a lot to do with it. If I see a knife I like, one that I want and collect, I'll pay for it - though I cringe towards $100. I enjoy many that I paid only 10-40 $ for. One of my favorite I paid $11 shipped.


For me though, I don't buy to re-sell, I buy to keep and enjoy and know that I will pass them down to Grandkids, give them something that Grandpa really liked.


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