I have a large group of vintage folders and Vintage Auto's for sale. Names like, Press Button, Schrade Cut, Cattaraugus, Ulster, a large group of bone handled toothpicks and many more brands, older 2000 Dozier folders, a group of AG Russeel Sting double edged daggers from 1977, some very rare Western fixed bladed knives and much more. Please email me at galvanic1882@yahoo.com if you have any interest. I have posted a few pictures but have many more, the knives come from the collection of an old collector that I am helping to sell. 

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More pictures

Sure wouldn't mind seeing a pic or two of the Stings. :-)

email me at galvanic1882@yahoo.com thanks Mike 

Here are the Sting's


Dang...those are looking nice! Probably out of my price range. LOL. What is he asking for them, Michael?

Sounds nice Mike.  I will email you about the Ulsters and if you have any German brands,  thanks!

Best of luck with the sales!

Hi Bryan, sorry the Ulster sold this morning and I do have a couple of German knives and 3 are Mint lever switches, 2 are Hubertus and one is a boker and all are etched. email me for more info and thanks for asking.

Yes Steve they are nice so email me if you are interested. I sent you a message letting you know that, thanks Mike 

Hi Mike thanks! But the automatics ill need to pass on for now. But thank you anyway! 

I have added a more knives to my store and there are many that I reduced prices on. I have added to very Rare Cattaraugus knives, one is a large Jumbo Whittler with partial etch and the other is the first model wrench knife that also has the etch still on it. There are also many vintage Robeson's in the store plus I have about 100 more that I have not posted yet so if you are looking for any thing special please email me and I will see if I have it. My email is galvanic1882@yahoo.com

Jan was kind enough to put a link to my store on iknife, thanks Jan



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