Your looking for a new knife to use.  You find something you like but it is a bit higher than you were looking to spend on that user.  Why not lower the cost by buying what some online retailers call an EDC, Seconds or cosmetically imperfect knives that are fully functional.

With an average savings of 10.00 on a 90.00 knife, Donnie and I have bought many of these for his work.  My thought process is, it is his work knife...It needs to perform and it is going to get scratched anyway.

So have you checked your favorite dealer for those knives that are imperfect in color or some such imperfection?  Does your dealer offer that?  Does your dealer offer gently used?

OR, just type in Knife Seconds in your Google seach and see what pops up! 

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I've bought some A.G. Russell seconds in the past. In general they're still so good thatI have a hard time finding the fault in them. So why not?

I like seconds with handle imperfections. I just rip them off anyways. Saves me some cash. Check eBay for factory blemish


Companies don't actually make seconds.  When they do a run of knives A REPUTABLE company takes the ones they dont consider to be first quality and they take them out of the knives being sold to the dealers and public.

Some are not salvageable, they have something wrong with them that prevents them from functioning or severe cracking in the handles.  The ones that function perfect but have a hairline crack, or a spot on a high polish blade that wont come out.  Something small and not effecting the function of the knife, they get marked in a distinguishable manner, discounted and sold as seconds.

AG RUSSELL does this also

RUSSELL seconds  "Our seconds are cosmetically imperfect knives that are fully functional and carry our Customer Satisfaction Guarantee. Each knife is marked with a notch on the lower edge of the ricasso."

Ontario Factory Seconds " These items are factory seconds and may have minor or cosmetic defects. It is being offered at a discount with no warranty."


When your shopping on ebay you can actually type in Factory Second Knives and find some deals

Lot of 2 4" leather folding knife sheaths - Brown - Factory seconds...

That seller let you know what the issue was and even told about it, you can see it in close up


They ask the dealer to proclaim it a second, use stock picks and advise the customer they can ask for a photo of the actual knife KERSHAW 1550 plain blade knife Blackout speedsafe *BLEM's* 1550 Ken....  "These knives are new but are a factory second and have XXXX marked on the blades to show it as a blemish. "

If you are going to shop ebay, my advise is know where the manufacture marks his seconds and how.  If the knife is going to be a hard user, in my opinion, there is nothing wrong with buying a second


I cannot explain that part.  I have had knives I bought as factory seconds that I have had to have the factory owner tell what made it one because I could not find the difference.  Usually they are pulled from the run by quality, then the area manager or the plant manager has to agree they are not first quality.  There must be something about it.  I have looked for 2 weeks at one, never find it.  Only to have the plant manager hold it up to the light and say "you can see daylight in the spring area"


 Some companies sell their overruns as seconds...that could be what you ran into

If i were buying a knife for EDC, minor blemishes would not bother me if the functionality of the knife was not affected.  If I am buying a new knife for my collection, I would be very particular about any blemishes.  Not that I absolutely wouldn't buy a blemished knife for my collection.  Of course if buying a used knife, you expect some blemishes.  If the knife is one you need or want for your collection or if it is a rare vintage knife, you might accept a very blemished knife.

Many times, the blemish is just cosmetic. A scratch here...rub mark there...but the only thing it harms on the knife is a collector's resale value. I have a few Kershaw Blems for work. Never had a single problem. And at 50%-75% off the sticker price, you just can't go wrong with cosmetic blems.


I agree and own a number of blem seconds because the price was right to get into a knife Donnie wanted as a user but a collectors version f it was too high

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