We have a great group "EDC Club" and has a lot of good topics, but no place really to post your EDC. And you have to be a member of that club to post on that group. I have been using a couple of posts in that group for my EDC's but does not relate to the topic.

SO - how about an ongoing Discussion with pictures of what you are carrying today?.

What are your favorite EDC's?   What is your EDC lineup?

This will be for all IKC members, not just members of the EDC group.

So Post those Everyday Carrys and show us what you are carrying today.

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Steve, I was like that for years, but I have fun changing around now.

I used to change up alot but now just these,except I stopped carrying the Tadpole and switched to something a little more useful plus it was a gift from a friend!I sure do enjoy seeing what everyone else does and all the different EDC's not to mention all the older knives still being used, Ken.

Well Steve, that is a "True" EDC then. The only thing I truly EDC is "a knife", what knife may vary from day to day.

Today is the Spydie Domino again and this Schrade made Craftsman 95OT.

Steve Scheuerman (Manx) said:

I'd post in this discussion, but everyone would get tired of me saying A Zero Tolerance ZT0300TS (tiger stripe) every day. Yeah, I'm one of those weird ones that EDC's one knife all the time. LOL. Some great looking knives in here though!

Maybe I just need to pick up a few more users then, so I have something to add to my ZT. LOL

Sounds like a plan Steve.

And Brad, I got to play a little with a Domino the other day. I get why you like that one. It's a pretty awesome little knife.

Carrying out to the farm today:

Carrying out to the farm this morning: Robt Klaas fixed

Ken, your EDC drawer must be completely stuffed with knives - I'm thinkin at least 365 knives in there!  This one is very nice.

Howard, I try to carry as many of my knives as possible as I wonder about just looking at a knife. See my discussion: Users and Lookers. I would say I have about 300 knives - see my Blog "All These Knives" - and wonder how I can best keep them organized.

Thanks for the comment on my Robt Klaas - I have been thinking about this knife for some time and finally bought it.

Domino again and this Ranger small stockman

Today I put one of my favourite AND heaviest knives in my pocket. This beast weighs a full 10 ounces but oh how it's comfortable and what an amazing slicer does that ultra wide 1/4 thick blade make.

What a sturdy folder, Alexander!  Hope you have cargo pockets on your pants.

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