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Benchmade stunned knife dealers by discontinuing the entire Heckler & Koch (HK) line of knives and a number of main line Benchmade models.

The largest cut from Benchmade’s core catalog is the entire Prisidio line. Also on the list,

746 Mini-Onslaught

586 Barrage

Manual 900 Stryker

665 APB


Sage 3
Police 3
C171TIBLP Mike Draper Folder
C178GP Kiwi 4
C146CFBBKP Szabo Folder

Do you know of any more?

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This is just off the top of my head but H&K could never find a niche.

The medium priced looked like S&W for example. I don't know the types of steel to compare.

The cheaper line looked like Schrade. You can get a Schrade "second" or "special purchase" for pennies if you can live with the flaws especially if you use it as a tool and not a "looker".

The automatics? Don't know but maybe overpriced and this is a specialized market.


You could very well be correct.  I know I have heard they could not find a niche for that brand and its models.  My Benchmade dealer carried them but only because he sold them fairly well at shows, never out of his shop or online.

Might as well have this here as well...

Kershaw/Zero Tolerance discontinued list for 2017.

Thanks for adding to our list Manx.  I am beginning to wonder if the 2017 SHOT show is going to bring this many replacement models?!

I think the Barrage and the Rubicon surprise me the most

These are just certain models that are being discontinued. Not the whole line. You can still get a mini Barrage, just not that exact style.

Cold Steel is discontinuing the Hold Out and Talwar series and Mini Recon. The Ranch Boss was already a limited run based off of the Stockman design. I'm not sure if they have other models on the chopping block.

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