This is a hard one for me. Since I'm a toenail collector I REALLY like the toenails they are fantastic. I carry a stag 73 pattern single blade, its my daily companion. I really like the looks and the feel of the 25 pattern easy open. Since I started the discussion, My favorite is my daily companion, a Northfield 73 pattern, stag, single blade its rough, tough and gets the job done.

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I collect Schrade knives. One of the most sought after patterns is the Old Timer 2OT. 2OT's in good condition sell upwards of $400. There is a very good chance that I may never find one. When I saw the Northfield #77 Washington Jack, I thought that if I couldn't have a Schrade 2OT, I could at least have a quality U.S made knife that looked very similar. I was fortunate to get on a reserve list and bought a Washington Jack in Autumn Gold Smooth Bone. Now I understand why so many people collect GEC knives. The fit and finish is outstanding. Ken at Blue Creek Cutlery is an outstanding dealer. I wasn't happy with the first one he sent me, the handles didn't match as well as I hoped, so he sent me another telling me I could take my pick or return them both for a full refund. Gary at Northwest Knife Company sold me another #77 Autumn Gold for my friend in Australia along with the #77 Washington Harness Jack in Blood Red Smooth Bone. Both Ken and Gary are great people to deal with and I would recommend them to anyone. I'll always love and collect Schrade knives, but now I have my eye on a Ben Hogan and am waiting for the arrival of a French Kate.




Welcome to the GEC crowd Doug!  Since these came out I have always said, put on in your hand...you'll get it!

My favorite GEC is this 36 pattern CHRISTmas Wish Knife.  The reason?  Because there were only 16 made.  And also because I won it in a contest right here on iKC!

Personally, I prefer the 89 pattern Gambler/Executive whittler. Slim and elegant, a genteman's slipjoint.

Now that's pretty, Brad.


It is indeed a true gentleman's knife, and easy on the eyes also :)

Wow! how do you pick one favorite? If I could only have one (heaven forbid) I'd opt for the #74 Ranch Hand - Ticks a few boxes for me good solid "Goldie -Locks" size...  not too small, not too big = 'just right' ... versatile blade configuration and a lanyard hole; a deal breaker for me.  Although this photo doesn't show a lanyard I really prefer to have one.

My favorite pattern is definitely the #73 scout.

It's size isn't a burden to carry and it packs a blade capable of taking down most daily tasks. As an outdoorsman and avid hunter it exceeds my needs in a hunting knife. 


I did not know the 36 was done in coffeehouse but OMG is that one purty!!

362209 is a Burnt Stag Sunfish-my first Greater Eastern /Northfield.  Burnt Stag and a lot of it as this knife is a monster size!  Great workmanship!


This is difficult but I have to say the #38 Grinling Whittler is my favorite.  What a fine working knife and a delicate form.  Great job GEC!




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