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Whats the next knife you want cold steel to put out??? from steel to designs... and if your feeling artsy go a head and draw a pic. for extra credit...lol

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I would love to see them design a variant of the scimitar on par with the sog tec auto.

4 inch blade made of vg-1 would be adequate.

Also would be nice if they made versions of the Voyager that had an assist Similar to SOG or benchmade's assist mechanisms.

and last but not least,a vaquero that had a mechanism similar to the lift off that crkt has.

And all of the above with a 4 inch blade if possible,always wondered why don't make autos or assisted blades. Anybody know why?
you know how they have like 4 or 5 different types of locks for there knives... there probly trying to make a new type of spring assisted mechanism...lol
probably, I just wish they'd hurry up.

It also might have something to do with the fact that their knives are very well-balanced and the pivot point makes it so you can open them very fast.

I can open my scimitar basically with just a flick of the wrist and a feather touch of the thumb, still it would be nice to have the extra push of a Spring assist system
or maybe there designing them so you don't need a spring, like you said there well balanced and can open like that. so there probly not thinking of making one cuz the ones there putting out are jest as fast... not to break your hopes but its posable...
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaa :( lol

its posable but i hope not
me neather... cold steel would make a great auto if the deside to...
I'd like to see them put out a good Balisong again.
I'm a big fan of butter fly knives, but I'm surprised i didn't think of that...
The sales of autos is a risky business as many states,not all,frown upon automatic knives and the federal switchblade act prohibits interstate sales I think.I live in Arizona so I can carry an auto all day and at gun shows you can buy them.
I've been waitin' for 3 years for the production of the new trench hawk and helped to test the 3 prototypes at the 2007 Cold Steel Challenge.They throw like Champs!!Offered Lynn $100 for one of the protos,but he declined.So I am waiting for the release-soon-of the bad ass trench hawk. I would like them to make a solid piece tomahawk and a solid piece double bladed axe.
I'd like to see a mini (but still heavy) Kukri fixed blade or maybe even a folder about the size of the old Vaqueros.
Not a knife specifically, but I'd like to see CS offer a SecurEx sheath for their higher-end Recon Scout. and also for ttheir Trail Master. It makes no sense to offer a SecurEx sheath for the SK5 Recon Scout and have a Cordura sheath for the San Mai III model. The fact that the Trail Master only comes with a Cordura sheath has been keeping me from buying it for some time.


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