It's 2011 and spring has sprung, well kind of, depending on where you live, and your heart turns to Knife Shows from now till year end. Soooo......

Are you going? If you are buying will you buy? If your selling are you expecting a good year?

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Farnk and JJ thank you both very much for posting that information here and congratulations to you Frank for winning that russlock.


I really do ask all members no matter where you live or how often you check in or post, but please put the event you are going to in the events section of iKnife Collector. Print out a few flyers, and make arrangements to meet fellow iKC members wherever you can.

My belief you will enjoy the meeting that much more and who knows what knives you will bring back!

Congrat's on the Russlock.  I'm sure it'll find a nice spot at your place.

Really enjoyed the show, and wish that there were more "Knives only" shows around.  The pace is much more relaxed. 

Gary said something about the "Fellowship" at the shows.  Definately lacking in the other venues.

 Really enjoyed  talking  to JJ & Frank at the show and see thier passion of collecting knives. This was a small knife show  very laid back .Everyone should  get out and supporting local shows and meet the  people at the shows!  That way you get a different  look at the people and see knives up close . Then if you look , listen & ask questions you can learn a lot a shows .

who all will be attending the blade show? It would be nice to know where everyone will be

I have these folks and thier locations already

Ken Erikkson  5AA

Sean OHare 8H

Garry Kennedy 12T

James Ivy   tba

Once I get back to Texas I am going to attend every knife show I can possibly get to.

Right now I just need to get back closer to the elders and the kids and grand-kids

John, where on earth are you..Away from the family

Well, Jan, I came up to Climax / Freemont Pass, Colorado February to work the expansion at Climax Molybdenum.  However, this last month I have begun to suffer from Hypoxia due to severe altitude sickness. 

My employer is trying to get me transferred back to the Gulf Coast Area. ( Houston is my home)

Thanks for inviting me to come to your group.

I look forward to learing from you all.



My goodness John, you be careful up there.  I hope you get home soon.

So here it is spring 2012......How about it


Made the Palmetto Cutlery Club show, last year and met-up with a couple of iKC members.  Thourally enjoyed myself.  It was the best show for knives anywhere in the state.  Nothing wrong with "Knife and Gun" shows, but sometime all I want to see are knives...

I would like to know if anyone is attending the Blade show.  I would like to set up something like and iKC 1/2 hour where we all meet up

As far as I know I'm only going to the DKE (www.dkeshow.nl) this year. No american shows though. Maybe in a few years.

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