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Looking for Northwoods, desperately. Every model of interest.

Also looking for single blade GEC/Northfield #48 and Crown lifter/Beer Scout,



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seems this ad was a while back

i have a northwoods willamette whittlerin cocobolo i would let go of today, it has the leather slip and the ziploc bag it came in


I know that Greg at TSA has recently gotten in some beer scouts and I think he has a few more coming.  I do not see any single blade 48's on his site but he announced last week that he has just bought a couple of collections so he may well have that also.  Try sending him an email, he may be able to help from the collections 

i have a northfield 85,any interest?

i have a new  indian river jack green bone,its been stored in the wax paper since new needing to sell,have other interest,if interested in a new irj contact me at kysteve10@yahoo.com

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