found an old knife in a pawnshop(cheap).  It's a fixed blade clip point bowie, 5 1/2" blade, with fuller, stacked leather handle.  has 545 stamped on one side, and York Cutlery Co solingen germany on the other.  been searching web for a while, and cannot find any info, just some ebay auctions of similar styles.   Anyone familiar with this company or this knife, history, etc.  I'll try to get a pic on here later tonight.  thanks

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Interesting JJ. Bernard Levine lists York as an Importer.

cool, thanks for the links, the one I actually remember looking at but did not read far enough down, figures...so it is most likely a German made, of unknown manufacture, imported by a german american some time between the 50's and 70's. 

Well it tells me something,  york cutlery is not a manufacturer, but an importer of quality german knves.  cool...

I still intend to post some pics, just been busy today.

Excellent, cant wait to see them

Glad we found you some info....Thanks JJ

I mistakenly called this a clip point, it is I believe called a trailing point, more for skinning purposes I presume.

Exactly James, it is commonly called a skinner with that up-swept tip. Also notice the rather large blood groove in the blade Looks to be a fine piece of cutlery. Congratulations..

$5 in a local pawnshop, I figured looking at it that is was an older one, and of decent quality, they had $10 on it, I offered 5 and took it home.  it was a bit more rough than you see here, 600 and 1500 grit sandpaper and a wood and leather block took a lot of the damage out. I'm going to leave it like it is now though, try it out on a few things and put it up with my Ka-bar.

For $5, I would say you got a great deal!

That's a cool old knife! Very classic looking.

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