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When I receive my first TUNA Valley knife I will give it a good once over and then put it in line in my article about Traditional Vs Tactical for LEO.  I have a Case, a GEC and, as I said, coming is a TUNA Valley.  On the tactical side I will have a CRKT, SOG and a third yet to be decided.  In fact I would like my buds here, at iKC, to pick the last tactical folder for me to put in this article.  We will start a vote.  The tactical folding knife (In most cases LEO don't carry fixed bladed knives on the beat.) with the most votes will be used in this article.  Please keep in mind LEO normally cannot afford to buy custom knives or knives over $200.  In fact the average price for them is around $70 for a knife.  Many carry the cheaper S&W and other off shore (west shore) knives. 

To outline what we are talking about, tactical would be a knife with all three of these features; lock blade, pocket clip and some device or hole to open and close the knife with one hand.

I am looking forward to hear from my buds....ladies and gents alike.

Thanks Clint

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A while back Boker introduced a linerlock that I thought had an interesting profile, it was called Whale Linerlock. It basically met all your requirements. I don't have one yet but it might fit the bill!

thats right choose the knife for Clint to review! Its up to you!

I'd suggest the Boker Plus line of knives. They're quite affordable and have some designs specifically aimed towards the LEO/Militairy market.

Thanks Alex I will put down one for Boker Plus Line.

Well Clint, I'm not a Tactical knife kinda guy, I'm Traditional all the way. I own only one tactical knife its a SOG Meridian, I find it hard to beat for some of my uses. It has a razor edge and is easy to resharpen. If I had to buy a Tactical knife it would be a SOG brand,because of this SOG Meridian performance.


Well I have you down for SOG.  Thanks Robert.

For manual - Zero Tolerance ZT 0200st.   For assisted - Zero Tolerance ZT 0350.  Either one mightt seem high on the price range line, but they're geared for heavy-duty use and made to last.


ZT is a good quality knife but on the very upper price range for LEO.  Kage I have you down for one vote for ZT.  Thanks for  your help.

i would go for the sog flashII it has everything you ask for but i seen that you said you already had a sog and you are looking for a third.in that case i would have to say the spyderco delica 4 is the next one it also has every thing you ask but it is not a assited knife but a good one......

Stephen, sorry I entered SOG ahead of you, I know you are a big SOG fan. Oh well, as long as it's to be considered in this evaluation.


Another for SOG!  Thanks!

SOG Flash 2

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