Though this group could use some more activity. So here's some pictures of the knife that's on my belt right now.

This knife is no longer made. But it's an excellent "basic" lockback with premium ATS-34 steel.

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Shame that this one is no longer made.  I will have to put it on my watch list.  Whats the length on this one?

Jan it's a 3" blade. They do tend to pop up on e-bay every now and then. If you keep an eye out I'm sure you'll see one come by.

I bought one of these years ago from Mr. AG. a great lockback. The ATS 134 was sorta new on the knife market back then. I carried it longer than most folders I buy. A great knife from AG. Russell. Oh, mine has wooden, burl handles, I can't remember the name right now but they are pretty and have held up well over the years. I would love to post a picture. Well, Miss Jan, you can just keep on looking, cause mine is here to stay...LOL

Beautiful Alexander!

The knives that are being made with ATS 134 seems to be less and less, each year. My knife is 4" closed. I guess they made two sizes. I think mine is a 2002 prodution.

I think that ATS-34 doesn't really get made anymore. In the US it's been all but replaced by 154CM (which from what I understand is near identical in composition.) and RWL-34 in Europe. Which is pretty much the same as well but with powdersteel technology.

You may be right Alex, a while back Mr. AG. said the production of ATS-34 in Japan had ended, and the source was drying up.

Not much of a problem really though. 154CM and it's brothers do very well as well.

I do like the fact that I got one in ATS though. I don't have anything else in that Steel. I'm starting to (Slowly) develop a nice little variety in steels in my collection.


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