I recently acquired a very nice Bruckmann 3 3/8 Pearl Senator from my friend A.G.  The knife is marked EB EXTRA and I am wondering just what this marking means.  Can anyone help?

I am thinking perhaps the EB may stand for Ernest Bruckmann, but what about the EXTRA?  The knife is from the listing of Salesman's Sample knives A.G. has.  Can anyone give some verifiable information on this marking please?

Thank you in advance for any and all information.

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Sorry, this may be a question for Mr. AG. himself. Hey, that sounds like, one fine knife. Congrats!

Thank you Robert.  It is indeed a beautiful knife.  I am hoping my friend A.G. may see this discussion and be able to give the facts.  There are a few possibilities but I hope to learn the real answer.

I know, Mr. AG. is very busy with Christmas, sales and shipping but you better bet, he will answer your question.

I have no doubt that he will indeed.  I have been a well satisfied A.G. Russell customer and friend of A.G.'s for 45 years.

I will never forget the time A.G. so kindly spent with me when I stopped by for a visit in 1986 while on my way to an ABS Piney Woods Hammer In.  That was at the old farmhouse in Springdale, AR and A.G. spent the better part of an afternoon showing me around and just being a good friend.  The business is a whole lot different today, but A.G. remains a good friend whose hospitality I treasure and shall never forget.  He is a gentleman of the highest order.

I have never met Mr. Ag. in person but I have made friends with him on the computer. He seems to be a fine man and a great knife designer. I agree, he is a fine gentleman.


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