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I've acquired a couple of these and they're lovely. I know Les Swalm is a big fan. So I thought I'd open up a topic to show them off.

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First up let me show off my Hen & Rooster small barlow. It's a little gem

Here is a pix of the AG HR 111 Year set I just aquired which I conside the Top of the AG HR line.  Yes Alexander you know I am a nut for these knives.

Then there's the Stag Coffin handle that I acquired in the same trade

And the last one on the list in my collection but the first one I acquired

Awesome Les! We need some more detailed pictures of those I think!

Here's one that I haven't seen posted yet.  It's the CM-7 from H&R during AG's time as owner:

And here's the Magnum Whittler from 1975.

Oh those are nice Steve!

Very nice Steve. I especially like that CM-7 Vest pocket skinner. Once I get my ducks in a row I think I'll start gunning for one of those.


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