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What do you guys think of Piranha knives?  I have two of them and I really love them.  I have a Predator that I got just because it was the longest blade they offered.  But it was too large for me to carry EDC so I turned around and got a P1 Pocket and it fits just right.  It's a nice looking and nice feeling knife.  Interested to know if anyone else has tried them and what you think.


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I wasn't previously aware of Piranha knives prior to your post, Data. So I checked them out and, wow, they look pretty cool. I especially like the burnt orange Predator! Problem is, aside from the blade length on the Predator, they're all automatics which is a bummer for me because unless you're active duty military or a LEO they would be illegal to carry in California. In fact, I doubt that it would even be legal for me to purchase one since I don't fall into either of those categories? Cool looking knives, though!

What colors are your two knives, Data?


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