For the new collector- some factors to consider before you jump in too deep.
So you have decided you want to purchase a knife and are trying to decide which one to get. This is a common situation. There are several factors you must consider at this point before you jump right in.

First, what type of knife person are you? Are you a collector? If so, which type? Oh, you don’t actually collect knives, instead you just have a several different knives that are your EDC (Every-Day Carry) knives? Then you are a collector and just haven’t realized it yet.

For example, do you like hand-made knives (custom knives), the latest trendy knife by the hottest manufacturer, antique knives or current factory production knives? Look around. What peaks your interest? Start learning about the knives that interest you.

Are you buying to keep or as an investment for eventual resale? This is an important question to ask yourself early one. If you buy what you like, you may find when you want to sale them, it is difficult. Many current production knives don't have a strong demand due to the knives being readily available from the manufacturer.

If you buying for resale then you must know your buyer- what they expect and what they want. Know this before you buy. Also, how long do you expect to have to hold the knives before you can sell them for a profit- the answer to this question determines what you must pay when you buy them to begin with. Last point on this for now is buy the best you can afford.

If you are buying soley because you like a knife? Do you like new shinny knives, knives made by the most popular maker or older varieties that are showing their age? Different strokes for different folks- there is no right or wrong. Again it is what you like. The issue of your likes and whether other collectors like your likes only really comes into play when you go to sale the collection.

Think about this- If you were to want to purchase additional knives as you go, it is important to consider what I am going to call the direction or theme of your collection. Again keep in mind you are going to be buying what you like, so determine what you like and why. It is OK to begin with to have a hodge-podge of unrelated knives, if you are buying them simply because you like them.

Giving a little thought to the direction of a collection is healthy and will save you headaches and money in the long run.

Not to take the fun out of it, but determine your budget
I must come to your budget now. If you are one of the few collectors who actually do budget your available allowance for your purchases, then putting a little thought into the amount you can afford and or are willing to spend on this wonderful hobby is important. If you can justify spending $5000 or more a year then you can go many directions. If, on the other hand, it is $250 a year, you are going to be more limited, however, you will still have many options.

Enjoy them daily
In closing, don’t be preoccupied with trying to accumulate a large collection, instead, focus on the the satisfaction you gain from the knives you purchase. Keep them visible so you can enjoy them. Don’t do like many collectors by keeping them stashed away.

Enjoy the hobby as you work at it
Remember as you build your collection….”It is the journey, not the destination.” Don’t think when you finally acquire your 10th or 100th knife you are going to enjoy them anymore than you did when you acquired each one along the way, so take the time to immerse yourself in the satisfaction and accomplishment of each knife as you go.

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