Personaly ( im a kid and a beginer so ask sesoned people for the best answer) i like the byrd line ( yes B Y R D) from spyderco. I havent seen one but ive heard that the spyderco tenacius is good.
I also recomend Buck bantam series.

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Ka-Bar 1211 or the USMC series are great... 7" blade for $50 and toff as nails you cant go wrong, they can take a beating, and they look cool... i name it BLOOD-KILLER....lol (jk i dont name my knives)
Hello Duncan,

For a very inexpensive knife, it is hard to beat a Byrd. The Tenacious is a tremendous value also. CRKT Drifter for under $20 & Ontario RAT-1 for under $40 are good deals too. I sell a lot of Rough Rider knives. There is a large selection with good value. Also have been selling a lot of Neck Knives recently. All brands. Most important is to collect what you like but do some research so that you get the knife you want at a good price.
the spyderco tenacious is FANTASTIC pick one up bro
thanks for the recomendations guys a girl

As your collection grows and you become more knowledgible. You can move up to the $69.00-$89.00 range of the Benchmade Griptilians. A must for any knife collector...
Spyderco Persistence is a fantastic knife. The little brother to the Tenacious, the blade comes out to 3 inches and proves to be a superb EDC blade. For those who are concerned with the size of the Tenacious, one should seriously consider a Persistence.
Ontario RAT Model-1 Tactical Folders...

"It's all fun and games until someone puts an eye out...Then it's fr*cken hilarious!!!"

Ontario RAT Model-1 Tactical folder

Satin finish-QN-8869
Black finish-QN-8867

-AUS-8 Japan steel
-Flat grind
-3.67" long
-5.2 oz. Wt.
G-10 scales
-1/8"-1/3" thick

Made in Tawain
was $79.00-$89.00...now $35.00-$49.99 You guys in the mainland can get them for $27.00 (if you can find them).


Randall' Adventure Training...

Ontario Knife company...
Just like you I love the Byrd knives. To work I always carry my Robin G10. Well at least at this point. Another inexpensive, good quality knife you should check out is the Dozier folder by Ka-bar. It comes in a few different varietys; colours, thumb-hole, thumb-stud. Enough to choose from, especialy at this pricepoint. There even cheaper then the Byrds. If you have a little bit more to spend, and if you can find one, go for the knife in the comment above mine. The Ontario RAT 1 is great. I have the plain edge, satin finish. Its a lot of knife for the money.
I can't agree more on the Dozier's from Ka-Bar--great little knives for little money, good enough steel and made in Taiwan as opposed to the Spyderco BYRD line that is made in China to their specifications.

if your shopping for the byrd line i´d recommend going up just a bit to the tenacious ambitious persistance knives, GREAT knives, doesnt differ much and for me, the spyderco name says a bit more, nothing wrong with byrd but yeah spydercos nicer and seems a bit better made


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