I'm not going to say you have to become a bookworm (or video-holic) if you are going to be a serious collector, BUT resources and references are an important tool.

For collectors of Antique knives, we can fill the page here of good resources (and will include some), but what about for survival and tactical knife collectors, or for collectors of current production and custom knives?

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well i don't have an Antique knives place but i have a bayonet iding site... http://www.worldbayonets.com/index.htm its got picture id really easy
That's a good site there Nick. Got suggestions for resources too. Good stuff. Is that your site?
no i dont have a site but i used that to id the bayonet i found wile cleaning out an attic for some lady... along with a bunch of other military items... including a LIVE life vest, you know the ones with the rip coard... ya that was fun!!!
JT- our resident Hawaiian posted this youtube vid on his recommendation for first knives to buy for beginner collectors. Good stuff.

This gentleman has become quite popular on youtube, I don't know if its his K.I.S.S factor presentations, musical openings & endings, or the who was that masked man syndrome but I personally like being taking part of the army's knowledge!
Yeah, I agree. He's pretty hard-core, isn't he. Super nice guy.
On his "Starting a Business- Self-Help and Motivational DVD" was the 1st time I got to see most or his profile, wasn't much but I could track him down if I had to, then again this guy dosen't need to be tracked down, he needs to be hired as a personal bodyguard!

Respects, JIM
That's Easy... Jim Sargent's' 7th edition, Steve Pfeiffer's Case Collectors Giude - The Pocket Guide for knife collecting by Buzz Parker and Tony foster and one of the best to give you the companies themselves backgrounds..... you know why and who is and these are case knives but they say Catt on the or all the scoop on Ka-Bar, AG, Imperial, Schrade ect.... Get Ron Stewart's Book the latest edition...... Now if you think you are ready for the custom knives..... Blade put out a general edition of all knives just know out


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