Ok, I'm looking for some info on what makes knives tick. Our collection depends on:
1 - Looks, (is it pretty, does it have nice lines, is the style up to date or antique?), you can add more to this list yourself.

2 - Material, types of steel used in the blade, types of handles, liners,etc.

3 - Feel - now this catagory is tuff, some people like myself buy from the internet, I depend on reviewers to tell me something, I understand you can go into a sporting goods store and pick up a knife to feel weight, form, balance etc.

Another big problem I have is no one tells me the difference of lets say "washers", ya washers, when you flick open your folder I want to know what super washers am I buying. I think "Precision machined electro plated titanium" might sound good, you know I just kidding. This is one example but what is the difference between a Kershaw speedsafe washer and a Strider costing thousands?


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Thanks Jim. What makes knives tick for new collectors (and all others probably) is very subjective. Some are into function over form- especially the users. For me, I rarely have hard knife use, so I tend to be more of a collector- therefore I got with form mostly. In some cases, I consider resaleablity- in which case, I have to look hard a price/value before I buy that cool looking knife. Some types have soft resale markets. Others have a more mature secondary market, so I check values there, before I just up and give a dealer his asking price.
I believe that's tied to what makes the particular collector tick .. I like novel locking systems .. I like good steel .. I also like stampings w/ historical significance ... ....

So my collection is not centered around any one particular knife manufacturer or model .. I have a 19th century scalpel w/ ringlock next to a 2010 linerlock w/D2 blade steel.

.. so much depends on the passions of the collector.
I guess you could say I have two "types" that I have started collecting. The first is vintage Kutmaster knives. The second is a much broader genre....Older advertising knives. In advertising, I prefer agriculture (feed & seed). But if the styling is unique or the advertiser's name is funny or unique, I'm not gonna rule it out, regardless of the type business that's on the knife.

So if it's and advertising knife, and made by Kutmaster...I want it!!


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