After asking to buy a new thumb stud for my 943 (A part I messed up all by myself). Today I received a package from Nolan Kidwell of Benchmade Knife Company containing a silver thumb stud, a black thumb stud, a black pocket clip and 6 black screws at no charge! I have never heard of this kind of service in my life.
Benchmade service policy has convinced me to order a custom Griptillian that I have been mulling over for a while now. Service=Sales; what a great concept.
Jim Lucier

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Yes, you can't ask much more for service, I have/had several Benchmade Knives one of them was the apparition which is the assisted or manual opening knife, if you removed the spring, ( I got it from a friend of mine,  it was missing the spring) I sent them an email and they mailed me the spring no charge. I also have sent 3 or 4 back for a cleaning and resharpning, I think it was like $5 for return shipping or something......I have 3 or 4 versions of the grips, love them....got one that was a Cabelas Exclusive D2 also....

Sounds good Jim, Benchmade's customer service is the best anywhere around. Nolan is one of my favorite people to deal with up there. I have a number of knives that went up for servicing  that came back with parts, blades, and other things replaced while the knife was there JUST for sharpening.

Good customer service is never taken for granted.


After ordering a custom Griptillian through the Benchmade web site, a few days later I got a message saying that my order was "delayed". I e-mailed Benchmade late Friday and received a response from Ryan McGinnis a few hours later assuring me that my custom Griptillian would be shipped this Monday, approximately 2 weeks after ordering. He even apologized for not shipping sooner. This is a full size Griptillian with Black/D2 blade and custom engraving; definitely not a shelf item.

Can't ask for better service than that!
Benchmade customer service continues to amaze.
Jim Lucier

Sounds good Jim,

I sent my 710-1, 16/250, up for warranty repair for liner replacements to address small dings found right out of the box, and they not only replaced them, the liners were polished and jewelled; all screws, pivot bolt and clip were swapped and they replaced the blade for God knows what. When I got the knife back I was stunned...it might not see much pocket time, I have users; but just the level of communication and quality of service make me a brand specific fan of Benchmade. Also kudos to Micah Corrigan in Product Services for handling the project.    


Benchmade service came through today as promised.

I couldn't be more pleased with my 550Custom-D2

I wont tell it on the web what bench did for me because I wouldnt want anyone to take advantage of benchy's generous manor. Benchmade is the best beyond comparison. May benchy's live forever.


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