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"Like its big brothers, the 33 Small Stockman also packs 3 blades in a convenient but very practical pocketknife. The 33 Small Stockman measures 2 5/8" closed and includes clip, sheepfoot, and pen blades. The Pen Knife version includes a clip and pen blade"

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New 33 Stockman.........gee, I love these things!

Olive Green - 125th Anniversary Mint Set - 2014

33 Stockman just in...............

XX Limited Edition Series V Navy Blue 1998

New one.............

Stag - "Dotiki Mine" - 1991

Wonderful stag on that one. I have to come clean however; I did not have a clue what "Dotiki Mine" was :)

Thanks Tim!

When I first found it I had to do a google on it. Coal Mine in Kentucky.

New 33's just in..............

Stag - First Run - 2006

Stag - 2000


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