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Great post!

You put it right when you said Case makes the best on the market. Quality, workmanship, and price can't be beat. I too have several other knives from many manufacturers. The true testament is that I carry a Case knife every day. I continue to buy Case, when I find one I like, I buy it and never question the decision.

I've got the same knife with a 113 shield (113 anniversary, 2002)  of Case knives I bought it used.  Has some light scratches but their is no blade rub.  It is one solid knife. I've found you lessen the chance of blade rub on this stockman if you open sheepfoot before opening the spay.  I normally check the blades on stockmans and other knives that share channels and see what blade is the culprit of the rub and then open the other blade first ot lessen the chance of rubbing. Different patterns and makers will have different blades that cause most of the rubbing.

A timeless and useful pattern, the stockman.  I do agree that Case can do a beautiful bone and this is a perfect example.  I am glad they are producing more in the CV blades these days.  I just tend to like it more than the SS.

Tobias, great tip on keep the blade rub to a minimum. Thanks

Interesting shield on that one Toby!

in total, there is a Case111, Case112, and Case113 shields floating around. 

From what I understand they were applied to something like 2500 knives of various patterns   The 111 were in 2000, 112 in 2001 ans 113 in 2002.  I understand the reason for 111 but not the other two years. 

I also don't know if it was a total of 2500  6375 stockmans  or just five hundred.  I believe each year five different patterns  were made with the shield and  select locations were shipped 100 each of each type of knife.  If it was 2500 of each knife 12,500 knives were made with this shield. 

That seems somewhat high for a single production year and if that many were produced then it seems I should've seen more than just one so far..  Maybe someone out there in Case land has more accurate information.  I just keep running into brick walls

Hmmm, kinda sounds like something in the years ahead could mean values going up for them. For those that care about such things. 

I bought it becuause was around $25.  At the last second I bid $40 and got it for around $35 or so.  figured if it was crap i could use it for an EDC.  As it is, it's not pristine but it is pretty good.  It will not fetch top dollar however as it was used.

Here's my new 75. In Stag. I love the big honkin' 75!

Here's my new 75 Stockman. This is one big heavy sucker! I love that old timey looking long tail "C"!

Dark Antique Bone

That is one large knife and it has some heft to it! You know you have something in your pocket if you're carrying a 75 pattern!

I like the way Case does that with the Silver Script and the Long Tail C sure makes for a good look!

This is the grown up version of your 33 pattern! Very Nice!

Thanks Max! This is the Godzilla version of my 33! LOL!

Here it is. I saw this one listed for, what I think, is a ridiculously low price (the dealer still has more). So, I cried and screamed, threw myself on the floor and kicked my feet until Cass said "Get the dang thing!" Hey, I don't have to worry about my dignity, I don't have any.

Silver Script. Walnut Bone. A big honkin' knife fit to tackle the big game in my backyard. (I have a good imagination)


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