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Got Case Muskrats? Post them here!

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Just off the Knife Mule Train.............

Stag - Slanted and Fluted Bolsters


Craig, do I take these are full size Rats?  I only have a Case Red Bone CV Mini Muskrat.  Not too into Rats.  Of course my collection is somewhat eclectic, I guess would be the best way to describe it.  Multiples of some (same covers), then singles of others and so on.  No large group of any one pattern, guessing no more than 6 covers of one pattern.  I do have one each Muskrat of different brands.  Will be looking forward as you build another group.

Thanks Don! Yes those are full size/Regular Muskrats. 

Craig, I thought so, comparing the look of the blade shape in the photos compared to my one Case Mini Muskrat. 

Here are my Case muskrats.  Muskrats are one of my favorite patterns, I've got another 26 that are not Case.I need to get some better lighting so I don't have to use flash.  The left small one is mammoth, the middle one has Damascus blades and the bottom right one is a Bose.

Great looking knives, David.

Great looking Case Rats David!

Here's my latest.......

6.5 BoneStag 2002

New Rats!

Orange Curly Zebra


Another new Rat! I need more cheese.

Smooth Black Delrin - Engraved Bolsters

More new Rats!


Pocket Worn Antique Bone

Smooth Rosewood

Goldenrod Pinched Bolsters

Yellow Delrin

New Rat for the Rat Pack...........

Whiskey Bone - Pinched Bolsters


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