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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Fine Pony you got there Dennis! 

New Sea Ponies..............

Jade 2003

Gray with Red Shield 2010

Excellent Craig .... especially like the gray. 

Thanks Dennis!

Love 'em both Craig, but being the producer of one of the largest jade shows in the country, Big Sur Jade Festival, I have to like the jade green the most, (though jade comes in many colors, not just green). If I buy another Seahorse it will be one of those.

Cass and I would love to go to one of those shows!

You would be most welcome. We have some of the finest jade artists, sculptors and jewelry craftsman in the world from several different countries, all centered around jade. My part is organizing our extensive entertainment schedule and recruiting & training of volunteers, typically numbering 30 or more kind folks, (and I work their butts off). Admission is free, and a typical day will see 3k-5k people come through during each day. One of the traditional habits I established for myself is to wear a different hat and a different knife each of the three day festival, just for luck ya know. Everybody waits to see what hat I'll be wearing each morning, I wouldn't be surprised if a few bets are involved, wish they would give me a cut. It will be our 25th Anniversary this year so we are hoping for an epic year. All money raised puts Big Sur school children in summer camp and other activities, we are even paying for four years of books at UCLA for one of our students. We have no sponsorship and raise all money from raffle, vendors fees, and direct personal donations; and everything is run by volunteers, including myself, this will be my 15th year.

Craig Henry said:

Cass and I would love to go to one of those shows!

New Ponies...........

Deep Canyon Red Bone - 2014

Navy Blue - American Shield - 2003

More awesome beauties, Craig.

Love the flag shield.  I've got the red and blue versions and have wondered why there's no white.

Two more that make me drool!  Love this thread!

Thanks JJ and Dennis!

Good question JJ.

Stag Damascus 2008

Smooth Olive Green 2015


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