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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Thanks Craig.  Yup .... classy looking and cheap.  I think that is what I said about my first girlfriend!  But, heck, everything was cheap back in those days!!!


Shoot, I can remember paying 25¢ for a gallon of gas! 

Another new on in (and one more on the way!)  2018 smooth olive bone. 

Nice one Dennis! The one I've had for a while is the color of the lighter areas of your knife but even from end to end, on both sides. I like all the different olive color variations. 

Did you see the Alligator Skin and Lizard Skin ones that are out. I kinda like the Alligator. I'm thinking on it.......

Thanks Craig .... the coloring is why I got it (and I looked at a number of them before deciding on this particular one).  Oh ... and I did more than think about the lizard skin.   It's inbound!!  Took a close look at both ... and decided I liked the slightly more irregular pattern of the lizard over the alligator. 

It's here .... the 2018 lizard skin.  What I really like about it is that the tight pattern gives a really nice textured feel to the covers. 

SWEET. Great scores. Grats - well done.

"Shoot, I can remember paying 25¢ for a gallon of gas! " I remember paying less than that. Remember gas wars? 

Nice Dennis!

Beautiful handle, and yes I remember gas wars. Lowest I remember was 19.9 cents per gal, routinely saw .25.

Just in!  The 2019 with turquoise dyed curly maple covers.  I was hoping for a little more dramatic turquoise coloring ... but nice, nonetheless! 

Here's a comparison shot with the blue dyed curly maple:

I like the dark grain of the wood but like you would prefer a deeper turquoise. Nice all the same.

Yeah Sid ... really liked the Case pics I saw .... but, when you order sight unseen, you "takes your chances"!  Just glad there is enough of a color difference between the blue and turquoise to set them apart from each other.


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