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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Ooooh .... that does sound like it would be a winner J.J.! 

I'm not one for all the fancy colors, Dennis, but I have a couple of the Orange Pocket Worn knives that have an amazing feel to them.  Would it be too much trouble for CASE to make a handle material that actually looks like it came from an old barn.

It wouldn't look right on ALL patterns, but Whittlers, Stockmans and Barlow's would look great.

New one arrived yesterday ... 2013 antique brown sawcut.

Nice addition Dennis! 

Thanks Craig .... really liked yours.  Two of these popped up in the bay recently ... one for auction, of for sale.  Liked the look of both.  But, am getting ready for a surgery early next month and my time is too limited right now to mess with auction timing.  So, submitted a best offer on the other one and ended up getting it for what they cost back in 2013.  Still waiting for Case to release those fence rows and a few others that I am still searching for (really hard ones to find .... like the grey bone/red shield you have!!).  However, the collection is growing thanks to your introduction to this wonderful pattern!!!  Here's where I stand right now:

Nice corral of Ponies!

I try to be all the enabler I can be. LOL!


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