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Jigged Buffalo Horn

Worm Groove Moss Brown

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Just in ... 2019 with Red Storm bone covers. 

Outstanding, Dennis.

Thanks J.J.  The stable is getting crowded now .... with this one, they number 42!

Whoa Baby.  A special seahorse arrived today.  Glad I jumped on it when I did, because they are all gone now.  It is one of a set of 20 (2019) natural bone seahorses that Linda Karst Stone scrimshawed with a "sea life" scene this year for Shepherd Hills Cutlery.  Mine is number 6 in the set.   Beautiful work and just perfect for the "seahorse" whittler!

Whoa Baby is right. That is pretty neat. Well done too.

New seahorse in today.  Ever since Craig posted a pic of his 2015 Bermuda green ivy a couple years ago ... I've been on the hunt for a somewhat dark one like his.  Patience and persistence paid off.  I got a GREAT deal on this one.  While still a hair lighter than I was hoping for ... am pretty happy with it.

Another Case Seahorse Whittler showed up on my doorsteps. This one is a 2010 Case Collectors’ Club Family Traditions edition with Pocket Worn Rodgers jigged cabernet bone covers, scrolled bolsters and a Family Traditions Collectible presentation box. It is #213 of 500 made.

Just in ... the 2020 SHW in blue denim peach seed jigged bone.

Every time I see that Dennis has replied to the Seahorse thread, I have to look.  

Nice looking blue.

But the dilemma now J.J. is ..... the seahorse drawer is completely full!!!

What's a feller to do?   Oh, yes .... that question is purely rhetorical, you know!

Darn it Dennis.

You trying to give me a heart attack.

My heart's racing, my eyes glazed over and I'm drooling all over my phone.

This is a serious dilemma, you know!!!!!!


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