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Its rounded shape frame resembling the shape of a sow's belly gave this heavy duty, cattleman/stockman style knife its name over a century ago. The three-bladed Sowbelly usually carries clip, sheepfoot, and spey blades. The five-bladed Sowbelly holds a clip, sheepfoot, spey, short clip, and pen blades.

Got Pictures? Well, let's see'em! 

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New Winterbottom 'Ginger Ale' 3-blade Sowbelly (and a new hat that arrived in the mail yesterday)...

That looks great Derek! 

I'm over there too, though I'm having a hard time feeling like I fit in there, being a newbie and all. I have roots here! LOL!

I stop by there every evening but rarely ever post.... I'm more of a lurker than a participator. I work in sales all day so when I get home I'm seldom in the mood to communicate with anyone other than my wife (and daughter when she's home visiting). 

Well I'm pleased you feel like communicating here! I understand what you mean though.

Picked this one up today.

My first Case Sowbelly, AND, my first Case Halloween knife! 

Sooper nice Mammoth Ivory Sow Gerald!

I love Ebony! Nice!

I've been tempted by the Ebony three legger Sow.

Very nice John!

You guys with Sows, here and on the Case Forum. I don't need another pattern to start getting.  Enabler.

New Pigs...........

Burnt Prime Stag 2014

Ebony Shot Show 2012

Thanks John!  I don't know if you can see it, but there are alternating lines of black and brown that you see often in Ebony.  Looks fantastic in person. You need to get one!


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