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We are all Case Fans for a reason, now is your opportunity to tell why? Do you have a favorite knife? If so, what is it and why?

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That was my first CASE Seahorse Whittler.

I had seen an ad for one in a Woodcraft catalog. I picked this one up at Lowes, to carve Peach Pits with. Well I always wind up with a spare, so I got another, with a different handle. Well... the rest is history. For the longest time I resisted the term "Collector". I was a "User" with a bunch of extras, as spares.
The first, stays in my whittlin bag. I carry another, on my belt, all the time.

CASE Seahorse Whittler EDC
my favorite case would have to my medium stockman amber bone. Cuz it was a present and i just love the way it looks and feels and i love the blades on it.
oh yeah and it was my first case
Case Trapper

here is my favorite
Gary that is a beautiful dispaly of trappers over the last 80 years. wish i was there to hold them in hand!
James from what era's are these fine congress - there are some great looking bone and Stag in that lot.
I'm a little partial to this one. I bought a Damascusand had Bob Picklesimer take the stak off it and send it to Michael Hoover ... http://redrummdknives.blademakers.com/ ... He added Dinosaur Gem quality fissilized bone and polished it to where it shines like a diamond in a goat's patootie! It is special!

Then there's this one. It's one that Shirley Boser presented me with just before she retired. It is TRULY special, and is a family heirloom. Read the certificate that came with it. That says it all.

Then we got this little number. I sent Bob Picklesimer another Damascus, and called Christy Culpepper and asked her to send Bob some of her finest presentation Black Lip Pearl. Bob married them together and this was the result. A truly beautiful piece that I have not taken a really presentable picture of. Pictures just can't do it justice. Bob has done several more Damascus Seahorsies in various colors of Mammoth tooth and Coral. He is a master!

I am a very fortunate guy to be in a position to be able to afford these, and to have friends who are special enough to make them, or have them made. A very fortunate old guy indeed.
I may as well delete my pics. Them be some beautiful Seahorses.
Not on your tin type, Mr. Smith. You have some beautiful and unique Seahorsies as well. Case never made a "plain" Seahorsie! And you have some great ones.
But as far as I'm concerned, it's not the knives in the collection, but the collector who is the star! And you're a VERY bright star, my friend!
One of my favorite Case knives, so far.

I like my Pearl Seahorse with fluted bolsters to look at, but to carry its my CV Slimline trapper or my CV Trapperlock(no pics yet).


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