Okay I know you guys have all kinds of Case "Stuff"; marbles, belt buckles, license plates, thermometers, etc., etc.

Also, do you have anything that isn't made anymore? Unique? Rare? 


Lets see your Case "Stuff"!!

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Okay This is the W.R.Case Owens Way Factory cutout. Hard to find item.

a Key Ring

a favorite Marble

a knife blank 6233  2010

well that should get things started, post more later

brass buckle

old sign


life member hatCCC 25th Anniversary "T"


Cool "Stuff" Max!

I used to have the solid brass belt buckle. Wish I still had it! I DO still have, and use, the Case ceramic sharpening stone, which they called the "Moonstone". And I just got the same black hat as yours on the bottom.

Thanks Craig! Need to see some pics of your Moon stone, never seen one.

some of my pins.

Travel mug

need to tell the temp in my office

sheath that fits up a Copperlock very well

Another old shirt

Wow some great looking treasures there!

Great Case Memorabilia, Max!  The sheet of blade blanks is cool!

I didn't know that the two-dimensional wood replica of the Case factory was hard to find.  I think I got mine at the ZCVC (Zippo/Case Visitors Center) during one of the Case Fests.

I do believe they're gone now and all the others are also. I didn't know there were others til someone posted it up on the Case Forum.

Wow, you have a great collection of Case "stuff" Max!

I love the pin collection! 

Case "Moonstone". I don't have the case anymore, and as you can see, I use it. Very high grade fine Ceramic.

Case Ceramic "Crock Stick" - I have two of these and I use them too. My favorite touch-up sharpener. High grade fine Ceramic.

And my Case hat. I love the old timey script on this one.

Moon stone is too cool! I have and use Spyderco Ceramic sticks and a I have a single stick like you have but don't think it's a case though! I too like that Black Script hat!

here's a bandage dispenser and a Case Patch

I need to get more Case "stuff"!

Here's my ceramic coffee mug. Is it me, or does my coffee taste better in it? 


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