how many cold steels do you have??? and models???

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I have the scimitar, Trail Master, triple action, black rhino, blue ti-lite and too many voyagers to carry out,lol
i love the ti lite's they look cool... id get one but i got no job still so all money has stopped...

About a dozen...here's a look at some oldies but, goodies...
I own about a dozen, neck knives to machetes...love them all. High quality for a low price!
some times you dont even have to look them in the eye... jest be stealthy and come up from behind... but still your right you need to be skilled how ever you do it, cuz really you dont want the guy to turn around and be like "what the hell are you doing???" while trying to take him out....lol that would be the most epic fail ever...lol

once again jt great video...
coldsteel dose have some good prices and good quality... the only thing is cold steels got the SRK for $70 - $80 but ka-bar has a bigger more tactical looking knife for $50 - $60... i don't get it... don't get me wrong the srk is a great knife extreme quality
I feel that pain too Nick, I was laid off from my job, and am having difficulty finding a good replacement in my area. But, if your luck changes, I have a NEW (no box) titanium Ti-Lite (4" blade) for sale...I paid $130, but I'm selling for $100 + postage.........Repeat, NEW, never used, or carried......Good luck in the job hunt.
Im lookin for a 1st job so its even harder... ya i dont have $100... unless u want to trade...
Hey JT...I enjoy your reviews very much on you tube. Im kinda a hand gun fanatic but recently have started getting into blades. Another hobbie more $$$$. Picked up a few Maxpedition packs on your rec. as well.

Good looking out with the vids....keep em comin bro.
I have a Recon 1...its ok. Im not quite happy with where the pocket clip is located. Alittle to low for me and sticks out of my pocket a lot. Blade is nice. I use it as a pac knife. Been carrying the Benchmade Rukus...I like it alot.
love the rukus...

My lastest acquisition...


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