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I took the day off work today and spent a little time out in the woods with my camera and tripod, and a pack full of knives.  I got some pretty nice pictures that I am happy with.

1906 - Pearl Ladies Knife

2010 - Burnt Stag 4-blade Stockman

2013 - Burnt Stag Moose

2013 - Burnt Stag Tadpole

2014 - Burnt Stag Scout

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Thanks Jeff!

A few new Tuna photos to add to this thread.

2012 Cotton Sampler - Amber Stag

2014 Fish Scaler - Burnt Stag

2018 Teardrop - Red Maple Burl

Another group of shots I took today while the weather was nice outside.

2013 Coke Bottle - Amber Stag

2017 Cattleman - Mammoth Ivory

2017 Humpback Whittler - Smooth Rams Horn

Oh, I thought I had all the humpback whittler handles.  The search is ON.

The ram is a 1 of 1 prototype. No production of it was ever made.

A new one for me. The 2013 moose pattern in amber stag.


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