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gasp and horror, you are only allowed one knife from your collection for a permanent edc.

what would it be?

I thought mine would be Victorinox tinker because of the many options it offers. But after carrying a Buck 110 today I might be changing my mind.

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This was a gift from my son, in bad shape..He rescued it and made I worked on it for a long time to get it very usable. It feels so good I just don't think I want to be without it!

Maybe the way I am thinking right now, it would be my Klein Tool TL-29 Half Hawk

Right now I'd have to say my Case Dark Molasses Tiny Trapper...........

I'll go with my Benchmade 551 Griptilian. It's not too big and not too small. Plus, it stays sharp for ever.

Benchmade 760 Lum LFTi. 

Lightweight Titanium Monolock frame, CPM M4  blade. Solid enough and big enough for large chores. Razor sharp forward edge on the tanto blade is ideal for the little jobs. Yes, I have used mine extensively.

@stephen its funny that you say the GRIPPIE ..when i want to give someone a solid knife for a gift that will last and isnt to much$$ the 551 is normally what i go for. i actually own one and mine is a 551s but only marked 551 but is partially serrated.. so i figured it was designed serrated first?...since now they are marked 551s..{??}


just one knife  HRUTS MY HEAD... but even though im a folder junkie..i have my share handful of fixed blades but my collection is 85% folders.

whats funny is i was thinking folder ,folder,folder...then i thought.. EDC of all time?

after some thought...i really cant think of the ONE.

which knife..probably something big and crude and very GRIPPY to the hand...

something like a Randall -1 or a giant LILE..  or any one of the tope 10 bowie makers in the guild.their most long life but stripped down model ...since were not really talking fashion..is my guess.

 ONLY ONE....i cant pick-its to much thinking,makes brain hurt..LOL..

 i know i wouldnt want the only knife i could ever own.no going back or do-overs..LOL....its not going to be something with moving parts or springs that can break ectect....IMO. fixed it would have to be.

I am old school and  old habits die hard. In 1974 I bought my first Buck 110 with my paper route money. 39 years later that is still the only knife I have EDC. I don't think my kids has ever seen me without my Buck. Now it is kind of like my security blanket.  Get a new on on average every ten years. On my third now. Great knife.

hil..i agree..the BUCK 110 is a great knife. i only own 2 .. and my favorite one was actuall a TRSH FIND!!.. found it in box of BUCK PAKISTAN RIP OFFS 4 of them and one real buck 4 pin 110 ..1977.. almsot dead mint.. was a great PIC to as its also my birth year! the other 110 i own has some kinda plastic colorful handle and is mint and i bought it cracked on purpose with the idea of new handles{which it will still get}...i traded the sheath for another knife {southington hawkbill}..with the crack in the handle NIB with sheath and all- 20$... its not gonna cost that much to have the elk pinned}thats what its tagged to get. the 110 is a knife that even though i love it seems like 1-2 of them is the perfect amount... i do have my eyes set one day on a 110 doneup by Mike Hoover though....  


OH AND MY PAPER ROUTE MONEY when i delivered as a kid all went into collecting coins... it was nice then ..i would ask folks to  pay me in all change as well}most of course loved to get rid of their change! win-win!.. that helped the coin hobby even more..as i would of course pull out any real silver and any  wheaties i needed and replaced with paper dollars.


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