I got some money, so I always liked higher end stuff, sort of you get what you pay for these days. I have all the normal St. Croix,  G.Loomis ,  etc... however I came across a brand named Dobyns.  I bought one, the ML, which was good. I liked it, but then I said, how about a MH, and boy was that one a bingo. I love how it cast, hook setting backbone, how it almost fights the fish for me.  I love everything about it, except for one thing.  Some dumbass who works for them put the hook rest eye, behind the reel setting. It is a real hard time covering up the lure, plus your hand is close to the hooks.  I cannot understand for the life of me why they put this there. Other then that, I am in love with both of mine. I use the MH for Stripers and the ML for LMBass.  You will not be disappointed in their fishability. You can thank me in the morning.  I get nothing from anyone for this recommendation.  

One footnote about problems I been having with a certain company that had produced great reels. That firm is Pflueger. I bought three of them and all three had handle problems. There is a part that fails and the handles are left useless. The problem was in the handle elbow. It was just too soft of a metal. One other problem was the line guide in the bale was made with a very small space and the line keeps getting caught inside that line guide.  Pflueger did nothing, actually avoided my problems and told me they were all out of warranty. I bought two of them October and used them starting May, by the end of the season  these problems were starting and by November they were all in total failure.  This is a piss poor company now, with all their stuff made out of China. Cheap bullcrap.  

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Dobyns rods run about $120 each. Well worth the cost. 


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