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    I had not planned to buy the GEC#12 Sambar toothpick knife.  I went to the KnivesShipFree web-sight.  KnivesShipFree had 45 GEC#12 Sambar Stag knives.  I found a smooth Sambar Stag that was super Phat.  The only phat GEC #12 Sambar knife that I have ever seen.  The thinner Sambar knives look better with the powder-horn design.  The phatter knife works better for me.  Opening this phat knife between my knees and my left thumb nail will be a breeze.  This toothpick knife looks like it is going to have a baby knife.  This #12 knife was made just for me.  Only 4 dealers had Sambar #12s so far , and I spotted 3 #12 Sambar knives left.  More dealers will be putting them out this week , so don't give up.  The Northfield #12 Copper-head pony cut bone/propeller shield knives are next.   The DLT Trading SFO & the Frank's SFO knives are still available. 

Here is a pic of the Ebony & Jigged Lamb's Foot SFO.


    Great Eastern Cutlery changed the name of the #29 Humpback to the #29 Stockyard Whittler.  Who needs a punch in their pocket every day ?  I begged GEC FB messenger to make a #29 Humpback with a beer cap opener and a "BEER DEPLORABLE" shield or blade etching. I pre-ordered a Northfield #29 Snakewood knife.  GEC has Bloodwood for the Northfield #29 knife , on their web-sight.  I am not excited about the #29s at all.  I am ready for the #86 knife , hopefully in single blade.  

I believe GEC pulled a lie on us, again.  KnivesShipFree will be selling Northwoods #93 signal knives in bloodwood.  7/24/2019 at 4pm these over-priced Northwoods knives will sell out fast.  I  believe there will only be one "bloodwood" , 100 pieces.  Get registered and sign in early at KniveShipFree.   I just bought the iKC 2019 Winchester Texas toothpick.  A sure thing and better value for me.  But it is so much fun to see how fast the GEC made knives will sell out.  

Wonder how many Mammoth there actually are? Usually there are about 100 each, and they have five covers.

Nice to see some jigged bone & wood.


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