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I spotted an #86 Oil Field Jack Oil sucker rod wood listing today. Under $100 , they were sold in minutes. I got some SFOs and pre-order to buy first.  I hope one will be around in December and I want to buy a "WHO CUT ONE TOO ?" XX-LARGE T-SHIRT ,also.  Too many people has stated that they hate the wrenches.  I love this run myself.  A green bone Northwoods #92 single blade with be offered on 11/6/2019.  You must sign up now at KnifesShipFree  .    

A lot going on out there right now

You know, there was an SFO 180116 done obviously in 16 with oil creek bone and they were stunning!

More cool #86 GEC photos !

iKC sponsor  JSR Sports & More has four beautiful #86 Oil Field Jack knives with Oil sucker rod wood to choose from.  The wood comes from old oil wells.  You can smell the oil in the wood.  I use Lucas Extreme synthetic to make all my guns and knives smell wonderful.  JSR also has the new #86 Oil field jack knives in natural micarta too. JSR always has the lowest priced GEC knives.  

JSR Sports & More has three Oil Field Jack #86 Oil sucker rod wood knives left.  The #86 natural micarta Oil Field jacks are "sold out".  The Oil Field Oil sucker rod wood knives are at half of the dealers right now.  The natural micarta jacks will be going out to dealers for the next two weeks. More Oil Sucker rod wood #86s knives will be going out this week too.  JSR Sports & More is the only dealer that allows you choose the one you want.  

JSR is out of both  #86 Oil Field Jack knives.  Blue Creek Cutlery has #86 Oil Sucker rod wood jack knives in stock.  Frank's Classic knives has #86 Oil Sucker rod wood Jack knives in stock.  More #86 Oil Sucker rod wood and #86 natural micarta jack knives with go out  this week at every GEC dealer.  

JSR Sports & More is out of both #86s. A 2nd batch of natural micarta #86 came in 11/11/2019 , they are gone.  Blue Creek Cutlery has a batch of #86 Oil Field Oil sucker rod wood jack knives , right now.  Frank's Classic knives has a batch of oil field oil sucker rod  jacks , right now.   

I digress back a bit. A lot of great knives this year, but my Osage Orange #29 is hands down my favorite. I realize I blew it by not grabbing a nice Stag on when I could.

I bought two #29s myself .   I still want to snag a #29 Osage Orange myself.  I am stuck on #86s , right now.  


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