The #23 Trapper knives are coming soon.  Some parts are being made right now.  Brazilian Cherry Wood -- beefy drop point blades for two bladed #23  knives 

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I contacted Frank's about my interest in one of theirs and I'm on the list at Collector Knives for a 2-blade brown bone. Hopefully the 2-blade will be on the darkish side.

Don't know how Frank's wish list really works, but Collector Knives reserve looks promising.

Mr. Frank is wonderful !  I have received some of my best knives from him.  He will call you on his phone to make sure you are happy. You are on the list.  Me too , he is super busy and you should get an email from him soon or a phone call. I pre-ordered a Frank's SFO #23 two blade jumbo trapper from him.  And I pre-ordered the four GEC#23LL single blade Trappers. If the SFO pre-orders don't sell out , I will try to get a second Frank's SFO #23 two blade Trapper for back up , EDC. I aint no flipper or trader.  The #23LL single blades will be the hardest to buy and the most wanted.  There are still many #62 knives that need to be made. I calculated and projected that the first #23 Tidioute knives should be finished in the last week of March. "Brazilian Cherry or Muslim Micarta" Tidioute two blades.  Most of the #23 knives will finished in April and May 2020.  The Club and SFO #23 Two blades should be ready the last two weeks of April.  The OKCA club knives have to be ready for the Spring Oregon knife show on April 18th , 2020.   GEC usually makes all the different club knives and the SFO in the same week.  That is the two blades only, the single blades will be made and come in May. My guessing is pretty good , but I wont be off much.  I watch the GEC web-sight and dealers many times each day. I got no life. Baw-ha !  Ha !  Ha ! Ha ! 

   I was really excited about the Brown jigged bone #23LL and two blade slip-joint Trappers.  The #86 Oil Field Jack Chocolate Almond Peach-seed jigged bone is the best looking brown bone scales that I have ever seen in my life.  This is a new 2019 GEC bone color never used before or even come close.  The Chocolate Brown scales were midnight brown jigged bone on the production line. They were not appealing at all.   I took a leap of faith and pre-ordered one from JSR Sports & More.  I bet half of those knives were not spoken for after their release.  Each week there after that , JSR Sports would release a few out at a time for at least a month after the release.  I bought a second one and I keep the slightly darker one in my pocket.  People flip out when I pull those knives out to show off.   The Antique Autumn bone is really nice. It is the best looking yellow/brown bone that GEC makes. My OKCA 2019 club knife has that wonder Antique Autumn bone. I am so hoping the GEC#23 Brown bone will be that Chocolate Almond bone color.   Bill Howard would be a fool not to use that color.  Big knives are harder to sell.  3.5" to 3.75" folders are the easiest to sell.   The Allegheny GEC#97s are still around from a year ago.  I bought twelve .  I have one arm and bigger knives open easier for me. If I spot midnight brown jigged bone scales on the GEC assembly line , I am going to flip out.  

Ken, beautiful knife! If mine looked half that good, I'll be happy. I too like a larger knife, just the way it feels in the hand.

My first two #23's were a single blade that still kills my fingernails and a LL that is a little easier. Both are my favorite knives in the whole world! Needless to say, I'm a little amped up for the new ones!

I'm also going to try for a Muslim Micarta to use as a EDC.

Finally, I too watch the GEC site more than normal just because I love looking at the knives. To me they are art and something to be appreciated for the effort that goes into them.

I just received an email from Great Eastern Cutlery.   Some of the information on the GEC#23 two blade Club knives is wrong.  The computer employee is out on bereavement and the GEC web-sight will be updated with correct information as soon as they can. 

More #23 production photos !   


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