On July 29th, I started a Facebook page devoted solely to Great Eastern knives, including those made by GEC for Northwoods, Cripple Creek, Bulldog, et al. Please feel free to join us if you are so inclined. You can buy, sell, trade, or auction GEC products there.

Some of our members are Chris Tucker from Great Eastern, Mike Latham owner of Collector Knives, and David Hancock owner of Triple XXX Cutlery.

If you are interested in joining the group, here's the link:    https://www.facebook.com/groups/1629126604024783/

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What happened to this facebook page? One day I was a member...the next day it was gone

The Great Easter Cutlery FB page was canceled in 2018.  I was bullied by the Mexican liberal martial arts jerk that runs the new GEC group page on two Faced Book.   He  bullied me from day one.  He kept me from posting nice comments on his post and some of the others joined in.   This creep posted the most beautiful GEC#44 Gunstock Cocobolo knife with a knothole.  I copied and pasted it.  I posted it and talked about how wonderful that knife was.  He chewed me out in front of everybody.  He threated me on my messenger. Two months later  I laugh and made fun of some funny pajama pants somebody was wearing in a knife photo.  Everybody laughed , even the guy that posted the photo.   I have been attacked by paid FaceBook hackers.  He booted me out of the group.   I helped so many people in that group find new released GEC knives as soon as they were dropped by dealers.  That guy hated my guts. He must of looked at my FB page .  "Pro Trump and  America First" and Every time I stay on Two Face Book , my screen splits in two.   I have to run PC Matic to fix the problem.   I just signed up for www.parler.com , today.  Parler is freedom of speech.   I hope iKC will use Parler some day. Face Book is dead to me.   I hate Twitter too.  


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