Just joined the group and look forward to learning from the wealth of knowledge and experience here.  Thanks - Rick

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Yes, yes I would love to regain some of the knives I sold in past. A Linder PPP Kris Bld. Dagger with bone handle for instance.

Yes, yes.

Welcome Rick

Glad to have join the GEC fight !   "GEC KNIFE COLLECTING IN WAR !"

The GEC knives this year and last year , have been so superb.  In 2018 , I bought two GEC knives on Evil-bay.  A super rare GEC#48 mini slim trapper Blueberry jigged bone 1 of 20.  And a GEC#65 Autumn Gold jigged bone Ben Hogan 1 of 35.   I had a rough time buying GEC knives in 2018.  I got duped on the #85 run messing with the wrong GEC dealer.   I buy from GEC dealers only.  I hate the flippers on Evil-bay and the state taxes.  Great Eastern Cutlery took a big unnecessary hit from evil Governor Tom Wolf this year.   I am buying as many GEC knives as I can afford.  I have never sold or traded a knife in my life.  We can not let Great Eastern Cutlery or the GEC dealers go down with out a fight.   Bill Howard is kind of an old ball.  Bill Howard knows what he is doing and he is a fighter.  The slaughter of the American dollar and lower counts on new knives, have driven prices and the demands up.   I wanted to buy some custom knives , but the quality and the GEC scale choices have really improved.   The best GEC knives are yet to come.  I was hoping to get my GEC collection to 90 pieces this year.   I just counted 110 , plus a GEC Sabre Clip Cougar Clawed fixed blade knife.   Yes , I went fool this year.  There is no such thing as a perfect knife , but it don't hurt to try.

Hey Rick  , You have to watch the GEC web-sight every day.   When I spot a new GEC run schedule, I contact Blue Creek Cutlery and/or JSR Sports & More for preordering.   Kifer Cutlery stopped with pre-orders.  Mr. Kifer hold/sold me a Kifer SFO Dark Blue Camel bone GEC#23LL Pioneer Trapper this year.  It don't hurt to bug them. As soon as I send off my emails.  I will be right here on iKC and tell everybody.  Any new GEC news , I am right here.  I bought seven 2020 GEC#74 Mustangs .  Three Arizona ironwood knives and an AAPK club knife.  I stink at buying GEC knives.   I have one arm and I can sit on my old wore out computer all day.   When my folks send me up the street to buy living supplies , that is when the drops hit. "Every time !"  I play with and use every knife that I own.  I have seen two NOS GEC Snakewood knives on Evil-bay with rust. "Hawaii"  Pop that tube and oil/clean that knife.  Buffing Compound Carbon and humidity will kill a knife.  I use Clenzol oil , Ballistol "stinks", and Lucas Extreme machine gun oil.  I have Quick Release oil coming in the mail soon.  I use Brownells needle oilers.  I have to tiny pump the thick Lucas oil, but it takes so little.  I love the smell of Lucas Oil on my knives.  I like square and round gun patches.  I use antique pin knives to slide the patches in the liner tracks.   I learn new things when I clean my knives.   "Oil the joints !"    It keeps my mind off of phantom pain too.   


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