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I want a GEC BEER BELLY/sowbelly style knife with a beer cap opener and "BEER BELLY"  shield.  Drunk cartoon pig etching on the blade.   3.88" to 4" closed  

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I have been bugging GEC to make more Oily Creek Bone knives.   I wanted the Oily Creek bone color on the #97 , #93 , and the #86.  Two out of Three aint bad.  GEC could put oily creek bone color on a turd and it would sell out quickly.  I have two #93 oily creek knives.  The #86 Oil Field Jack oily creek bone knives are looking amazing !   

I want see more of these bone and acrylic color choices : Oily Creek Cougar Clawed jigged bone , Oily Creek Barnboard jigged bone , Oily Creek Sawcut bone , Chocolate Almond peach seed jigged bone , Blueberry wavy rogers style jigged bone , Dark Blue wavy rogers style jigged bone , Chocolate Almond barnboard jigged bone , Chocolate Almond sawcut , Dark Blue sawcut , Turquoise/black acrylic , Dark blue/sapphire/turquoise acrylic , dark blue camel bone and  antique goldenrod camel bone !  

I love the #64 Babylon Hill swing guard lock-back folders. It is time for these knives to be re-produced.  Less than 450 were ever produced.  


I agree on the #64.  While we were still heavily collecting we scooped up 2 or 3 of them.  I have long been a fan of a quality built swing guard.  My only "wish" for them was a little more substantial guard.

I also wouldn't mind them bringing back this version of the 26 from 2010

Thoughts on why they quit making the 23 pattern?  That was the first GIANT seller they had and it was an amazing pocket knife, good size, good weight

I like that knife myself.  In 2018 , I spotted a $80 Sunfish whiskey amber bone on Evil-bay.   Three minutes later another buyer bought the brown one.  Both were from 2005 , pre Daniels. The next day , I spotted a bunch of them on Traditional Pocket Knives marked down $50 each.  Those Sunfish knives are just slow sellers , period.  I like them too , I would only buy one. Not easy for me to open .  Oh wait , that never stopped me before !  "Feet and a blade pick !" 

Add "Antique Black" jigged bone to my wish list.  

GEC is well over due for a Sowbelly. Bill was around Queen when they made these Case XX Classics.


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