Well, this morning  the buck did stop here.  I killed this six point buck about 7:00 am.

I was hunting over a harvested soybean field.  About 6:30 a doe came out.  Shortly after this buck was following her.  But they were still on the wrong side of the fence.  They continued walking and soon were out of sight.  I had high hopes I would see them again because I knew they fed frequently on the soybeans left on the ground.  A few minutes later a skunk (btw an all white skunk) crossed directly in front of me about 50 yards out.  I was sorely tempted to shoot it but told myself not to because I expected to see more deer.  Sure enough a few minutes after that does started coming out on my side of the fence.  At about the same time the sixth doe appeared I noticed the buck coming back and on my side of the fence.  When I first saw him it would not have been safe for me to shoot in that direction.  I cranked my scope up to nine power and put my .30-06 on my bipod.  I followed him as he kept walking and when he got into the area where it would be a safe shot, I cocked my rifle.  When he stopped and gave me a good broadside shot I pulled the trigger.  He went about 20 yards and went down.  It was about a 175 yard shot.  When I got up to him I pulled my camera out of my pocket to take some pictures but the battery was dead.  On the way to the processor I stopped ;by my house and got my Nikon out and took these pictures of him.

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Nice!  The freezer should get quite a bit out of this one!


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