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When I downloaded my game cameras I had my first picture of a fawn.  I always start getting pictures of fawns around July first.

I also have gotten several pictures of coyotes.  I need to get out there and kill some coyotes.  I have read that they will kill up to a third of the fawns.

Looks like I will have some good targets come this November.

And how about a turkey.

How about a deer and a coon sharing the corn feeder.  The camera took a series of pictures where they seemed to be taking turns eating.

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Great shots Charles.

Thanks Clint.

LOL, I love the creatures taking turns.  It is awesome !

The fawn is just gorgeous and please make sure the coyotes understand to leave her alone :)

Jan, if I can get the coyotes in my sights, I will make sure they leave her alone!


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