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A friend shared some interesting thoughts with me about the recent school shooting.  While we all find the use of a tool to murder children reprehensible and continue to pray for the families and survivors, some folks go too far too fast for my taste.

I have never seen an inanimate object carry out an act of violence on its own.  I have however seen both men and women carry out acts of violence using nothing but their hands.  My personal belief is that you cannot regulate someone into caring about right and wrong.  You cannot create a law that a criminal will care 2 hoots about breaking.  If your moral compass allows you to murder, that fact that it is illegal just does not matter and how matters less.

In the case of this morally bankrupt SOB, several agencies had an opportunity to step in and were either overworked with too heavy of a case load for effectiveness or just stupid.  We all know you just cannot fix stupid.  Washington is screaming accountability for every move made by either party and yet nothing ever happens.  Why would anyone under those bozos actually think accountability meant anything?

We cannot lay the blame for this act at anyone's feet other than the man that pulled the trigger.  We can lay the blame for our federal agencies lack of commitment and understanding of the job at the feet of those sitting in the house, the senate and the oval office for many years.

Stop doing endless, expensive and man power heavy, go nowhere investigations for which no one will ever be held accountable. Give all of our agencies a clear meaning of what is expected of them and what the immediate result will be if they do NOT do their jobs.  Follow through.

So, no I will not stop being a member of the NRA.  Yes, I will try my best not to do business with those companies that enjoyed the loyalty of the NRA members for years only to make a splash in the newspaper for saying they wont do it any longer after this school shooting.  I will not turn in or destroy the tools we use to keep our family safe.  I will continue to say I am a proud American sponsor of the second amendment.

What are you thinking about all the news coming out on this?

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Well said, Jan.


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