A Few of my Kershaws I found while gathering up my Knives The far left is aTrooper Boot Knife and the One on top of first row is a Lahar,a somewhat rare Kershaw. The rest are still available.

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Nice!  I miss my Clash a lot.  The Lahar is hard to find and if it was assisted, I would still have mine :-)  I really like Kershaw's spring assist models.

Nice collection, I love Kershaws of all kinds. My personal favorite is this beast

Well I'm always envious of those who go showing off their Troopers...on my long-term wish list of MUST HAVE's.

Great collection...just few eh? Can't wait to see all of them!

I have a couple, leading the way is my Special Agent, a good runner up to your Trooper. Then I have my Scrambler...love that knife! The rest of the Kershaw's are all my BBQ knives. Designed for hunters, these are some of the best BBQ knives going...

One can never have too many blades you know!  

I cannot say I am a Kershaw "Collector" as such but I have a few & a few have passed through over the years.

But this one is pretty special to me - a 4150 gifted to me as a going away present when I finished up at a job in March/April 1974

I only realized very recently this makes it a very early production model, (unfortunately there is no way of proving that except for knowing exactly when I got it)

And this beauty - I think it was marketed as the "Elk Hunter" in the USA

finally a kershaw collector nice to meet you!!! =) here are mine they are all new in a box and all are discontinued Im here hope somone will have what I don't and to share my sickness for these beauties


Hi jim

that's How I got started I collected a whole bunch of kershaw spring assisted blades about 60 of them in about 6 months time. then one day I come across a Kershaw overdrive 1 the knife was unusual it had better steel! and strange flipper mone only had mov 13 8cr this was sandvik 14c28n that's when I started getting the steels and wanting to learn more. anyhow I found out that this knife which was new in box was no longer being made.  At that moment! i heard music LOL and I decided rto sell off my entire collection of kershaws and start collecting only discontinued models every blade I came across was unique in its own way and I came across alot of rare ones! since then I have been super happy! hope you have alook and thanks for listening hope to hear from you!

Jim Wilson said:

Nice!  I miss my Clash a lot.  The Lahar is hard to find and if it was assisted, I would still have mine :-)  I really like Kershaw's spring assist models.

My favorite Kershaw of all time and I am lucky to have two of them
Ok, I figured out how to upload pics, easy from the desktop site, not so easy from an iPhone. Regardless, I can finally share my Blur collection with you. I hope you enjoy them half as much as I do.
Since I don't have kids...I have kershaws!

Nice collection! 

I especially love the green Ti bump! You have a lot of great knives there. 



How about a Green G10 Lahar in VG10 - 



Whoa, that's sweet! I've never even seen that green Lahar. Sweet!!


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