Hello all, I have gotten into rehandling folding knives, and could use your expert knowledge. I have some Schrade folders that I have taken apart, and I plan on using bone as the new handle material.


My problem is that I need to replace the pins, as I was not able to recover them in the dismantle process. So it seems that i need 5/64" pins, and I am having a hard time finding any.


Does anyone know of a good source for such a size brass pin? Is there a substitute that would work just the same?


Thanks guys,


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Jantz Supply online may come close or try knife kits.com online if you want to order some.
Do you know a local machine shop? If so ask them for some or have some turned down.
You can also chuck a slightly oversized pin in your drill press if you have one and place in vice on table a cutting tool for lathe or a drimal tool with a sanding disk and cut or grind down the diameter of pin. Work chuck up and down don't stop when tool in contact with pin and make min adjustments by taping on vise edge with indicator moving it about a thousand of an inch ! Hope this helps!
Are you certain they're not 3/32? I have chucked 3/32 stock in a cordless drill and used 220 grit sand paper to decrease the diameter.
thanks for the advice John, i really like the drill press idea! i might try that. i checked Jantz and knife kits, and several others, but havent found that particular size yet. it seems that the common small size is 3/32, which is larger than i need.
i found a company called McMurraymetals.com that sells that size, and i am waiting for a response on how much they charge.

thanks again,
Oh make sure if you use a dremal tool with sanding drum use the fine grit as Brent advised. Also make sure the drum on dremal is turned parallel with rod-not a 90 degress if you can make that happen or at 45 degrees so material is not removed in fashion leaving a in a small groove possibly living a wave or groove effect. Go slow on matrial removal-haste makes waste-let me know how it goes!!
Go down to your local hobby/model train store and pick up some rod there. It's inexpensive and sine there is probably one close there is no cost on shipping. Resizing the rod in the drill press is a good sugestion.
Hi, Captain. I'm having exactly the same problem. I've looked for the right sized pin material at every hardware and hobby store within 10 miles of home with no luck. Have you thought about using stainless steel or nickel-silver pins? There may be more diameters available in these materials.
i did find a site that might work. i havent looked into it yet, been very busy. anyway they have a huge selection and you might find what you are looking for there.


go to "catalog" and select which steel you want.

also was sent this link for McMurray metals. i emailed them and got a response, they sell stock in 12ft lengths and have a $25 minimum order.


hope this helps, let me know!
Hi Capt. Not too familiar with your sizes, but I use brass braising rods for my pins. Check you hardware store? If not then use smaller stock as you will be drilling new holes through the bone?

5/64's isn't a "strange" size it's 14 gauge wire usually written as 14 ga. Most hardware stores will carry a variety of metals in standard gauges here's a site with conversion charts for wire... http://ilmoproducts.com/technical-specifications/decimalwire-gaugem...

Old thread, but a good one.  I use my belt sander to adjust the size of my pin stock.  I have about 4 standard sizes I keep on hand, but have to modify them from time to time depending on the knife.


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